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CCCConcerts & Dancesoncer

Please note: 
Beginning in Sept 2022, all fall and spring events will begin at 7 p.m.

Rock & Roll Revue In Concert

Mar 31, 2023

Celebrating the rock & roll hits of the 50's and 60's, this one night only performance features members of the Melbourne Municipal Band live onstage! Led by Art Martin, this evening will take you on a fun-filled stride down memory lane.

Music that Moves You

Dance inspired music from blues to square

Apr 12, 2023
Apr 13, 2023

"Music that Moves You," is our theme for the season, but it will really be the theme for this concert! Dances from all over the world will be featured on this concert. Robert W. Smith's American Dances includes a Rag, a Square Dance, and a Swing Dance! We will start off with Jubilant Overture from Alfred Reed and Frank Tuckweiler will be featured on alto saxophone as we perform Myasoedov's Archaic Blues.

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Vocabulary, No. Dancing, Yes.

Apr 14, 2023

Dance the night away when the Swingtime Jazz Orchestra brings you jazz for Bopping and Hopping without Stopping!

A Salute to Gene Egge

Jazz condcutor, arranger and composer

May 24, 2023


A Not-in-the-Park Picnic Concert

Jun 7, 2023
Jun 8, 2023

A picnic concert is the perfect time for a pops concert. Bring your own food, or purchase food when you get there, and we'll provide the entertainment! We'll have music from the Beatles, Rocky, St. Louis Blues, Abba, The Wizard of Oz and Duke Ellington.

June Moon Sock Hop

50's & 60's Rock & Roll

Jun 9, 2023

One, Two, Three O'clock Four O'clock Rock. Yeah, we do that.

More Spies and Other Guys

A Not-in-the-Park Picnic Concert

Jul 19, 2023
Jul 20, 2023

Jazz Music and Spies have been partnered for so long that it's hard to imagine a man in black skulking about the rooftops without saxophone support! In this concert we explore the Spy Connection and include a few other sorts of Guys that really couldn't get their villainous jobs done without a piano, bass, drums and possibly some slippery trombones ...or screamin' trumpets. Come join us for a night of Double Agent Ditties and Secret Agent Songs.

Let's Take a Ride

A Not-in-the-Park Picnic Concert

Aug 9, 2023
Aug 10, 2023

Let us provide you with a picnic concert with air conditioning and no ants! It's the only way to do it during the month of August in Florida. This concert will move...via train, horse, donkey and pirate ship. You can bring your own dinner or purchase on site. You're welcome!

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