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Beginning in Sept 2022, all fall and spring events will begin at 7 p.m.

Herald the Holidays

Celebrating the Season

Dec 8, 2022
Dec 9, 2022

The band has been looking forward to playing Alfred Reed's Russian Christmas Music. From pop favorites to Hannukah and your favorite hymns, this concert will have something for everyone. Santa will get a New Orleans style welcome on When Saint Nick Comes Marching In. We will collect food items for the Sharing Center.

Holiday Dance

Come dance with us!

Dec 10, 2022

A danceable mix of all your favorite holiday songs with the Swingtime Jazz Orchestra. Sponsors ($250 or greated) will be honored at thes concert. Special tables set aside, food and drink provided.

Sending a Little Christmas Your Way

Dec 11, 2022

Let's get into the Christmas spirit with a concert by the fabulous Adagio Sax Quartet.  The quartet will play traditional Christmas songs including Nigh Bethlehem, Handel's Hallelujah Chorus (way cool with sax quartet!), along with some modern Christmas hits like We Need a Little Christmas, I'll Be Home for Christmas, and The Grinch.  You will leave with a smile on your face and a warm fuzzy in your heart. 

New Years Eve Gala 2022

Live Music with the 12 piece Rock & Roll Revue

Jan 1, 2023

Ring in the New Year with the best music from the Golden Age of Rock & Roll - 50's & 60's.

7:30 - Social Hour with Klaus Kolb on Piano. Three hour open bar.
8:30 – Dinner with floor show featuring the Swingtimers Trio
9:30 – 12:30 – Dancing to the famous 12 piece Rock & Roll Revue playing groovy songs from the 50’s & 60’s.

If you would like to stay over night at the Hilton, follow this link:

TV Tunes Tonight

Jazz on TV

Jan 19, 2023
Jan 20, 2023

Welcome to a Prime Time Panorama as the Swingtime Jazz Orchestra explores some of the great jazz tunes that bookmarked television programs from the days of black and white thru today's streaming stories.

Sweetheart's Sock Hop

50's and 60's Rock & Roll

Jan 21, 2023

Remember the Twist? The Hully Gully? The Watusi? The Pony? The Jerk? We have them all here.

Inspired By Books

Stories told through music

Feb 23, 2023
Feb 24, 2023

Books are full of inspiration for music. Selections will include The Hobbits Dance and The Misty Mountains from Middle Earth Suite by Andrew Stopps, Around the World in 80 Days, plus music from Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter and more!

Sundry Showcase

Magical Melange of Music

Mar 9, 2023
Mar 10, 2023

Mixing it up in Melbourne, the Swingtime Jazz Orchestra always brings the best of the last hundred years of Jazz Music to our Concert Cafe.

Spring Fling Sock Hop

50's & 60's Rock & Roll

Mar 11, 2023

Let's welcome Spring with a groovy dance to some of the best music of the 50's & 60's.