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Paul T. Scott Award

The Paul T. Scott Award was created by the Melbourne Municipal Band’s (MMB) Board of Trustees (BOT) in 1996 to honor a dedicated and outstanding member of the MMB. Paul T. Scott was an outstanding musician and former member of the U.S. Army Band. He traveled regularly from the far side of Orlando to attend MMB rehearsals, eventually moving to Melbourne because of his dedication to MMB.

A recipient of the Paul T. Scott Award must:

1. Be, or have been, a member of the Melbourne Municipal Band, one of its sub-ensembles or a support group

2. Have demonstrated a serious dedication to the MMB

3. Have made outstanding contributions to the MMB and its continued success

The Paul T. Scott Award is normally awarded each year by the BOT and presented at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Art Martin and Shirley Brunton with her Paul Scott Award for 2022


Shirley is the MMB Librarian and is a member of the percussion section. Pictured here with Art Martin, Executive Administrator.

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